Computation Structures

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Week 6 / October 7–October 11

Lab 3 checkoff is due on Wednesday, October 9th. Lab 4 is due on Thursday, October 10th.

Quiz 1 is coming up next week. It will cover lectures 1-9 together with their recitations, and labs 1-4. There will be a quiz review on Tuesday, October 15th from 7:30-9:30PM in 32-123. Quiz 1 will be on Thursday, October 17th from 7:30-9:30PM. Students with last names beginning with A-K will take the exam in 32-123. All others will be in 26-100. Anyone signed up for the makeup exam will take it on Monday, October 21st from 3-5PM in 34-101. Students with accommodations will take the exam on Monday Oct 21st from 3-6PM in 34-101.

Week 5 / September 30–October 4

Lab 4 was released on Tuesday. It is due on Thursday, October 10th at 11:59PM.

Week 4 / September 23–27

Lab 3 was released on Tuesday. It is due on Thursday, October 3rd at 11:59PM. Remember that you also need to get each lab checked off before the checkoff due date to get full credit. We do accept late checkoffs but they count as a late day just like turning in an assignment late. Note, however, that for any lab, the maximum penality is 50% of that labs grade.

Week 3 / September 16–19

Lab 2 was released on Tuesday. It is due on Thursday, September 26th at 11:59PM.

If you have not yet had the checkoff meeting for Lab 1, we recommend you sign up for a meeting slot.

There will be no recitation this Friday due to the student holiday.

Week 2 / September 9–13

Lab 1 was released on Tuesday. It is due on Thursday, September 19th at 11:59PM. We recommend getting started on the labs early and going to office hours in 32-083 if you need help beyond piazza.

Hopefully, by now you are settling in to your recitations. Please make sure that you are attending a recitation that is not overly full (20-25 students max).

The 6.004 RISC-V ISA reference tables can be found on our website under the Material/Resources tab. This reference sheet will be provided to you on exams that reference the RISC-V ISA.

Week 1 / September 3–4

Welcome to 6.004!
The first lecture for 6.004 is on Thursday, September 5th. There will be no recitations on Wednesday September 4th.

General course information and policies are available in the Information/Course Information tab.

Lecture slides, lecture videos, and tutorial material are available in the Material/Lectures and Recitations tab.

The course schedule is available on the Information/Schedule tab.

Please sign up for piazza for 6.004 Fall 2019.